Chou schön or Cute cabbage


12772929_10104213658476463_1603977631_oSo I decided I had to make some Kraut.  It’s just one of my favorite things.  Plus it’s terribly expensive at the store.  So, it’s like totally easy to make.  All you need is Cabbage and Salt.  I like to use the Pink salt, as I think the flavor is better, and it is better for you than most salts.  However, as long as it is an unbleached sea salt or salt that hasn’t been processed, then you are good to go!

The rule of thumb I use is by taste.  As I massage the small batches of cabbage and salt in a stainless steel bowl, I taste them.  They should be slightly salty, also to the point where one might want to put a little more salt. But don’t!  You want to err on the side of less salt, it will ensure that your fermentation will get going quickly and make for a tasty kraut when all is said and done.

So for you recipe lovers, here is a short but sweet recipe.

Cabbages, lots of them

Salt, less than you think (its about 1 cabbage to 1/2 teaspoon salt)


Shred Cabbage thinly removing cores as you get closer to the center.  Massage in batches in large bowl until juices come out of the cabbage.  Taste for a slightly salty taste.  If too salty, add more cabbage and continue to massage.  Transfer to Kraut Crock and make sure that brine is over the kraut.  Use a clean rock or ceramic weight to weigh down the cabbage so it is under the brine (salty cabbage water that has accumulated after you massage the cabbage).  If using a mason jar to ferment, pack mason jar tight to the top.  Place a few cabbage leaves on the very top and a weight or a cabbage stem to seal the jar.  Do not screw lid on all the way, but leave ajar.  Cover with tea towel or paper bag.

Store in dark cool place and check in 3 days to burp and to see if there are bubbles forming.   At this point, make sure you take any air tight lid off and replace with mesh or cheese cloth for breathability.  Continue to ferment for at least 2 weeks and up to 1 month.  Your beautiful Kraut should be done in 2 weeks unless temperatures are winter like.

Store kraut in air tight mason jar with brine covering kraut at all times.  If wanting to keep longer, use a canning method to seal new or sterilized mason jars.


Let me know if you have any questions!